Why Come to Kick?

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THE reason you should come to a startup careers fair

So, what's in it for you as a student? What will you gain by attending our Fair?

Well, if nothing else you will learn something new. Traditionally grads finish University and follow a range of paths. Some go straight onto grad schemes working for large companies. Some go travelling. Others find work where they can while they decide what to do more permanently.

However recently there is a new trend emerging - entrepreneurship. There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of startups who are able to hire people within a couple of years of being founded with relatively low risk for the new employee. Increasingly, these companies are looking to hire intelligent, passionate students and grads who will help to make a real difference. Grads who startup themselves are on the increase too. Entrepreneurship as a career option straight out of uni is becoming an ever more popular and feasible choice, especially as there are now plenty of schemes emerging to help you along when starting your own business (SPOILER - we hope to be featuring some of these schemes at Kick).

Kick are also aiming to bring companies to Warwick from sectors that have previously been neglected at careers fairs. For example, we are in talks to bring branding and design agencies to the fair, as well as boutique production companies and other exciting people. Up until now you would be hard pushed to find a path towards becoming an Account Manager for a branding firm at a Warwick careers fair but we know there is demand for this kind of career.

If you already know all of this and are already keen to either start your own business or to work for an exciting alternative company then Kick is your one stop shop for networking with a huge variety of companies and people who will help you on your way. We will be showcasing cutting edge companies who are actively hiring. You can mingle with the up and coming founders of the future to make important contacts and learn more about the business or the opportunities they currently have available. We guarantee you will leave our event inspired in some way, either with your eyes opened to the range of potential employers out there, with your back pocket full of business cards or with a bit more of an insight into the startup world. Come along and see for yourself!

Charlotte x