Warwick gets Kick'd (excuse the pun..)

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The roundup from our first Kick Fair

Phew, our first Kick Campus event has been and gone - we can't be happier with how it went on the day!

We arrived at Warwick to sunshine, rainbows and birds singing... ok that's a bit of an overstatement, but it was quite sunny. Anyway, we arrived and by 12, all 19 companies had arrived too and got all set up.

After bribing students in with chocolate we had a great buzz in the room and the three hour long event flew by. It was great to hear feedback from students and companies alike who had enjoyed the fair and wanted to come again!

We are really keen to hear any thoughts and constructive criticism about the event, so if you have anything to say then let us know!

Just in case you've forgotten or didn't make it to Kick, here is the final list of company attendees (and a brief description of each):

Football radar - using insights and analytics to predict football scores.

Growing Pie - service helping students and international students to get internships.

Sooqini - task outsourcing platform, think eBay for tasks.

Entrepreneur First - graduate entrepreneur incubator, helping graduates to find great business ideas.

Mixcloud - bringing radio, listeners and content producers closer together.

Start Up Britain - campaign aiming to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in the UK.

Enternships - helping students to find internships within startups.

Adjust Media - digital marketing agency specialising in increasing companies' web presence.

Up and Funding - new and exciting crowd funding platform, soon launching a new magazine.

Norman Hay - worldwide engineering firm.

WMG IIPSI - helping to connect students to startups in West Midlands.

Oxygen Accelerator - national tech business accelerator.

Mintec - statistical info and market analysis for the industrial and consumer goods sectors.

Sport Pursuit - online shopping platform specialising in flash sales of sports stuff.

Conversocial - creators of social media customer service software.

Eyeful Presentations - jazzing up presentations.

Hobzy - social media network for crafts and hobbies.

Startup Loans - pretty self explanatory, specialising in funding for students to startup.

Wewana Play - app that allows you to schedule and organise gaming with your friends.

All of these companies are hiring and some might be handy services for you to use so have a browse and see if you see anything you like!

Stay tuned for pictures, videos and interviews from the event.