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We spent the weekend at Launch48 Birmingham. Next time, you should go.

We’ spent last weekend at Launch48 in Birmingham, an event that challenges aspiring entrepreneurs to create a business, from idea conception to prototype building, in 48 hours. The idea is that the usual initial startup phase process is accelerated when a group of eager startupy people are thrown into a room together and work on different business ideas.

Events like this are great for people who want to try something new, people who already own their business, people who are thinking about getting into business and just about anyone interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. It allows you to get involved in and create something that can very quickly become a tangible and viable business.

So a business in 48 hours, sound crazy? Think again. These 48 hours can prove a massive catalyst for people with great ideas and can often be the place where co-founders first meet (and you can get a lot more done in that time than you realise!) Birmingham L48 was no different, with one team even generating revenue (a first in the history of the event). Others created working prototypes or came up with complex algorithms. Of the six final presentations, it was clear that at least four ideas could go on to become feasible businesses and teams were seriously thinking about continuing. Gaming app Wewana: Play did just that last year, founding their idea at a Launch 48 event and continuing on afterwards to build a strong business and they're just one of the many L48 success stories.

Simon Jenner (CEO of  Oxygen Accelerator) sums up the brilliance of the event by saying ""It's great to see that Greater Birmingham has some amazing entrepreneurs who have some truly great ideas. The power of putting 50 people in a room together who are highly motivated and innovative is a sight to behold. I have no doubt that a number of teams and individuals will go on from Birmingham Launch48 and do great things so watch this space."

We would definitely recommend Launch48 to everyone, just being in the room made us feel super productive and excited! Stay tuned for our commentary on the events of the weekend and run down of the winning ideas....