Launch 48 - The Teams

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The Launch48 teams and their ideas/ problems that they will be working on across the weekend.

In our last post we told you a bit about the event but now for the fun part, what happened on the day (well, weekend really) and a run down of the ideas that were pitched at Launch48...


We arrived to find a room full of excited entrepreneurial people. Before the event kicked off properly there was some time for beer, pizza and getting to know each other. We quickly met some really interesting people and heard a range of ideas (including drone delivered sushi which I can'’t stop thinking about  - unfortunately this one wasn'’t pitched!!)

After a quick introduction from Simon Jenner  and a talk from Steffan Aquarone of Droplet about his startup journey, the first round of pitches began!

At this stage there was a huge variety of different ideas, from a wearable rocket to a bracelet called ‘Tantoo’  (a tanning tattoo stencil), from 3D body modelling to help you buy clothes online to anti-oxidant rice products. 13 pitches were voted to go through to the next round where each speaker was given an additional 60 seconds to explain their ides a bit more and to answer any questions.

Then came the final choice! 13 were voted down to 6 winning ideas which would be worked on for the rest of the weekend.

Teams were formed and ideas began brewing as everyone went home to get a good night’s sleep ready for the rest of the weekend.


Day two kicked off bright and early with a workshop on lean methodology from Simon and talks from the sponsors. Teams began work with mentors standing by to offer helpful snippets of advice and counsel when needed.

Teams busied themselves firming up their ideas, coming up with names and brands and setting up social media accounts. They began testing their ideas, collecting data and putting together footage for presentation videos. One team even started soldering.


The final day of the programme saw teams continuing work on their projects. A couple had pivoted their ideas by this point and were exploring new options while others continued to develop their original product.

Late afternoon brought with it the final pitches:

Shared Memories



Originally pitched as a “shared bucket list”, Shared Memories developed into a sophisticated platform for sharing, organising and participating in bucket list type activities with your friends or others who share similar interests with you.


Soultradr started life as a tongue in cheek idea for a soul selling marketplace on the internet. After the first day of Launch48 the team found their consciences and pivoted to try and enhance the souls of others by enriching them with culture, the arts and exciting experiences. Unfortunately this had already been done, leaving them with no time and not much solution. In the words of one of the team, "“you can roll a turd in glitter but it’s still a turd. If you'’ve got a shit product move on."” Which is exactly what they did. Even their fake Twitter followers disowned them.


The Aiya team developed an app ready to change your life by giving you the ability to control all the technology in your home through your phone. Once up and running, you'll be able to turn appliances on and off, change settings and (this is my favourite part) set things to do this automatically depending on different variables. For example using geo-positioning tech, the app can sense when you arrive at your front door and you can set a series of objects to turn on when you get home, so you could walk in the door to find the lights and TV on, the kettle boiling and the curtains closed. The team created a working prototype over the weekend and demonstrated the app live during the pitch.


Team Genes

Team Genes developed an alogorithm to enable them to quantify team building, helping to minimise team breakdown by making sure the right people are always involved. Inspired by team building on FIFA (which we love) the guys used L48 as a case study and collected data on everyone in the "available talent pool", ranking their abilities in certain areas. They also asked team leaders which values were the most important. The results or "gene metrics" are presented in a visual way, allowing you to assess the team and find the group of people that works the best together. Great tool for any business!

Friend Alert

The Friend Alert team pivoted their idea the 11th hour. Originally they were developing an idea for a tool to connect you with friends in the area, but they found it difficult to monetize. Instead, with three hours to go they came up with Link Alert, a service aiming to tackle the problem of cancelled work meetings and unproductive dead time between meetings away. If you're away for the day with a meeting in the morning and afternoon, or if you're meeting is cancelled Link Alert can help put you in touch with someone in the area who has similar business interests, who you may be able to help or who may be able to help you. This means you can add extra value to your day quickly and easily.

Entrepreneurs Lunch Club

Using their raffle based idea for a competition to win lunch with an influential entrepreneur, ELC were the first company ever to hit revenue during the 48 hour L48 event. Initially pitched as an auction, the founders refined their idea to a raffle so it's more random and less about the biggest contribution, with all the money collected going to the charity of the featured entrepreneur's choice. Everyone who buys a raffle ticket becomes a member of the ELC community unlocking exclusive content like a stream of the discussion, so even if you don't win you can still feel like you're having lunch with a "rockstar entrepreneur".

And there you have it, a complete run down of the weekend! We had a great time and loved seeing everyone's ideas develop, one day we may be able to say we were in the room when the next big idea was discovered....