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We've been given some free student tickets for the brilliant Hackference

We've been given a limited number of free student tickets for the brilliant Hackference and we want to share them with you guys. You'll be saving £30 and get to attend this awesome event.

Hackference is "a developer's dream" and is a cool combo of conference and hackathon. For any enthusiastic programmer this event will allow you to listen to and mingle with expert speakers and then put their advice into practice during a weekend long coding session, building great applications along with other developers with the chance to win prizes at the end. There'll be some nice free stuff from sponsors too, as well as food and drink provided.

This event will be great for networking, honing your skills and generally geeking out for the weekend along with a bunch of like minded individuals.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch to claim your free ticket NOW before they all run out!!