5 Things We Love This Week

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5 things that we found this week that we think you'll love.

This week I have been broadening my horizons working towards the expansion of Kick and have come across some stuff that I reckon is worth sharing, so here are some of my favourite bits from this week:

1. Launch48 Weekend Birmingham


Launch48 is coming to Birmingham this weekend, we’re going and we’re excited! The weekend starts with networking and business idea pitches tonight and will see attendees group into teams to work on the best of the ideas. With the help of mentors and workshops the teams will develop their businesses ready to present to other attendees, explaining “the problems each team experienced, what they achieved, and what they intend to do after the event.”

The event is a great opportunity to learn more about practical methods that will help with starting a business, as well as to make a valuable contribution to a team, network with some startup big-wigs and above all have fun! Tickets are still available so check it out, it could be the start of an amazing career path!


2. Inc Magazine

This is probably old news to a lot of people but I discovered the amazingness that is Inc and was addicted at first sight. There are loads of articles about startupy things as well as more general ones like 10 Things Amazing Bosses Do  and 9 Slightly Crazy Things That Might Make You Wildly Productive (a lot of them seem to include numbers). The articles are gathered under categories so it’s a great place to look for some advice about a specific area of business too.


3. Jaco Haasbroek

We tweeted about this earlier in the week but I can't get enough of these pictures! They really appeal to my sense of humour and it's always good to have some funny distractions when you're busy.


4. The Apprentice

Yes the Apprentice is back! Every year I wonder if I can bear to watch the same drivel again and every year I get sucked in. It's now even more tenuous with Lord Alan choosing to invest in a business not through merit but from a series of awkward tasks for the candidates as it always has been. But I love it. And it's businessy. And Lord Alan is hilarious on Twitter.


5. Silicon Drinkabout

Another of my recent discoveries that has amazed me but I'm sure everyone else found ages ago. Silicon Drinkabout encourages startupy folk to get together to network and chat over beer and food in different locations around east London. We want to go!

Found anything interesting this week? Let us know!

More exciting things to follow..