Saving students from boring jobs...

We help students find jobs in kick ass alternatives and encourage the next Tony Starks to found companies themselves. Holy interplanetary yard stick, your dream career is sorted!


Saving people from corporate jobs? Now that's super.

We’ll help you find the alternative careers you don’t hear about at uni, where you can contribute and add value to a company. Even better why not start up yourself?

Stay tuned for jobs, careers fairs and lots of info about finding a job, startups and founding one yourself.

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Startups, small businesses and accelerators, do you want to find your next superhero employee or applicant? Are you struggling to find techies in particular?

Students are the answer. Students are talented, eager to learn and energetic.

How to find them? We do the hard work for you.

We use our 'spidey senses' to connect with the best student and graduate developers. You can come to our careers fairs at top universities to meet and chat to them, then follow up online using our jobs board, newsletter and social media.

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We brought 19 startups and accelerators to Warwick University to mingle with students.

We received particularly good feedback from companies (especially about Computer Scientists *cough*), and students. If you don't believe us, watch the video!

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